Fun Theme Party

Women Buy Night - Door Prize for the Winner




Fun Theme Party


Holly in Denham Springs, LA USA


May 2004



ADULT PARTY IDEA!!!!  Gigilo Night  When entering the party, the women are all given $500.00 in monopoly money, (or homemade computer generated money).

During the party, the women pay the men for not "adult" favors...dances, bring me a drink, put your shirt on inside out, the ideas can get creative (not too personal, unless you're into that!).  At the end of the party, the man with the most money wins a doorprize (as extravagant or funny as you wish).

During the party, you have the party police, who patrol the fun level..keeping the partying going at no cost. These party police (with cute badges) can write a "Ticket" (made before the party) for offenses such as "Not participating in the fun"..."sexiest couple"..."skirt not short enough"...again..use the appropriate and most creative thing you can think of.

After the "King Gigilo" is crowned and is time for Kangaroo Court. Where The Judge resides over the room/his court room. Each ticket that has been issued thru out the nite will be called from the "docket" each defendant comes before the judge...they are read their offenses.

The defendant then has choices, will they A) plead guilty and pay the fine or punishment (clean up duty, kiss the judge's boots, do two shots of some nasty alcohol,..think creatively!)...or B)plead not guilty and the court will ensue with other party goers as the jury. then the guilty or not guilty decision will result in letting them go free..or paying up or punishment as mentioned before.

We attended a party like this a while back. I have to say, it was the most wonderful time we've had in years.  It is a fun time had by all.

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