Fun Theme Party

Queen of Hearts - Off with You Head




Fun Theme Party


Tilly in Bamberg, Germany


Feb. 2004



This party was loosley based on Alice in Wonderland.

We made several little "unbirthday cakes" for each table and a buffet set up with "eat me to get big" featuring desserts and high calorie foods.

We also had an "eat me to get small" table with salad and light finger foods. 

At the beginning we had the March Hare come in and announce the Queens rules. The main one is "The Queens way is the only way"  Then in came the Queen.

She went around the room as people mingled to make sure they were following her orders.  If someone was caught breaking a rule "Off with her head"! She would yell and the mad Hatter would place a sign around their neck saying. "I lost my Head to the Queen of Hearts" 

It was great fun, people were tattling on their friends to get their heads chopped off. At the end we sang a very merry unbirthday and blew out our unbirthday candles and enjoyed our cake.

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