Fun Theme Party

Gatsby Garden Party (23-67yr) Women Only




Fun Theme Party


Terri in Newport, NC USA


April 2006



We have a group of women from ages 23 to 67 and we try to get together at least twice a year for a full blown all girl slumber party. We are the Southern Magnolia Society.

The best party we have had yet was a Great Gatsby Garden Party. I spent WAY too much on this party but it was all worth it.

We had the party at my mother's home on the river and we all dressed in the flowy great gatsby style 20's dresses, (not the flapper type!) and the hats and shoes to go with it.

We had beautiful outdoor tables which we rented and used off-white covers and silk backdrops for the buffet style food setting and used all silver dishes.

We had jazz music going while we dined and some even got up and danced the Charleston.

The party started at dusk and went far into the wee hours of morning. Sitting on the lawn listening to the river flow was great.

We have special rules for our parties, no men, no kids, no calorie counting.

We all sipped mint juleps and other fave choices of toddies.

We talked all night and got some really great pictures of everyone's unique attire.

We sent the invitations out in plenty of time for everyone to find a dress.

It was great fun and gave a chance for 25 working class girls to feel elegant and classy for just one weekend.

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