Fun Theme Party

Pardner Theme - Western Round-up




Fun Theme Party


carla in havertown, pa, usa


October 2005



When my husband was made partner of his accounting firm, I gave him a 'pardner' themed party. I sent out invitations on brown bags that were burnt at the edges to create an older western look. I managed to find a picture of my husband wearing a cowboy type hat and pasted that to the center of the invitation. I used all kinds of cowboy jargon to encourage everyone to visit their nearest thrift store to dress up like a cowboy, Indian, bartender, saloon guy or girl, etc.

I bought cheapy plastic cowboy hats, paper vests, and moustaches for those who came undressed. I also bought some plastic decorations like a cactus, a wagon wheel, etc. to decorate the living room. I had red and white checked tablecloths and served themed foods like hamburgers and hot dogs, baked beans, wings, etc.

At the time, HBO had a new show called "Deadwood" which was one of my husband's favorite shows. It was based upon the lawless town of Deadwood during the frontier times. Because of that, I hung a WANTED poster with my husbands picture on it and a piece of wood with 'DEADWOOD' written across it pointing to the house in the front lawn to welcome guests.

During the party, I also took pictures of all the guests faces in a WANTED poster to send to them afterward.  I had a poker table set up for a Texas Hold em match. I had a bar area for the beverages.

Since there were some children at the party, I had lots of games for them. I bought gum filled coins to do a hunt. I also bought small treasure boxes for 50 cents each so that they were able to decorate them and fill them with their coins.I also had coloring sheets of funky cowboy boots to color. 

I bought a plastic gun that shot suction darts. We had a contest to see who could hit the bullseye.The adults actually liked this one too. Although this theme is a bit specific, it was just too appropriate to pass up.

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