Fun Theme Party

Goddess Night Party - Spa and Games




Fun Theme Party


Amy in Indianapolis, IN USA


May 2006



We had a fabulous GODDESS NIGHT! I sent inventations on aqua vellum tied to gold card stock. It said "Mystic Goddess Gathering" and date and time. 

I decorated with cheap white sheets that I dyed aqua and put up all over my house. I had a blue betta fish, lots of garland and flowers and candles. I bought three aromatherapy oil burner (the cheap kind) and burned those all night.  Lots of white christmas lights.  I went to Wal-Mart and bought five or six potted seasonal flowers and re-potted them.  I found a cheap water fountain at Big Lots.  Remember to use sight, sound, smell, touch, and hearing.  I played spa music almost all night long.  We started off the evening making a recipe book for everyone to take home.

The inventations said to bring copies of 10 of their favorite recipes.  I had binders, paint pens, and stickers and we put our own books together along with a Polaroid Picture glued to the front of the book that I had taken that night of all of us. 

Next, I had all of us girls sit in a circle and we put hot towels on their faces, heated neck wraps and soaked their feet in bins.  I played soft music and dimmed the lights. I went to each person and gave neck, feet, and hand massages.  I had them put mud masks and cucumbers on and we laid on my living room floor and I did a relaxation guided imagery technique.  Once that was done, we wiped off the mask, did the facelift at your fingertips. (I had to wake people up for this)  Next, we made aromatic massage oil and body perfume.  I got some essential oils and speciality oils and decorative bottles.  They could make their own scents.  I also gave each guest a hip scarf and popped in a Belly dancing video and we tried bellydancing.  It was hysterical watching each other try it out. 

Then, we ate and ate and ate. We had baklava, shish kabobs, made smoothies, mimosas w/ fresh squezed orange juice, and I had charm cakes which were like cupcakes with a charm on the bottom that told their future. Chocolate covered strawberries and chocolates along with fresh fruit and veggies.  I made a fabulous avacado salad and we also had shrimp cocktail (yum!)  Then, I bought some tarot cards and gave readings to everyone, we played with the ouija board and did a yes/no pendulum. 

Then we played the Game GO GODDESS and Put the Earrings on the goddess (Pin the tale on the donkey version)(which was a poster of a greek goddess that I found at United Art and Education. I made the earrings out of yellow foam circles and used sticky tack).  I used an eye mask as a blind fold. This one was pretty interesting since we'd been drinking daquaries all night. 

We played CLR which is a dice game that I bought at Spencer's and instead of using dollars, we used chips and at the end the winner got a prize which was a facial set.  At the end of the evening we had a goddess ceremony where I gave each of my quests three pieces of paper to write wishes on and we stood in a circle and burned the paper asking for the goddesses to help us. 

Then I did a protection spell that I got off the internet and "named" each of the Goddess Guests (I used the internet and found different goddess that were similar to my friends For example My friend who's a pro golfer was Goddess Nike) and crowned them with inexpensive tiaras found at Hobby Lobby. 

Then we sat around and ate and drank.  Goody bags included mini 8 balls, manicure sets, lip balm, and protection spell charms.

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