Fun Theme Party

Hat Party - Trophys for best Hats




Fun Theme Party


Barb in Tacoma, Washington, USA


October 2005


Honorable Mention

Hat Party I've been doing this Hat Party for over 20 years so I would love to share it with you. Simply, it's a party where you wear Hats - not boring baseball hats but FUN hats that spark a conversation.

On the invitation I have clip art of all kinds of unusual hats and on the back a collage of last years photos from the party. On the invitation it mentions the 5 awards given for: The oldest hat, the hat coming from the furthest away, the hat with the best story behind it and the best homemade hat.

I bought small baseball trophies, got them engraved and bought 5 black doll hats and glued them on top of the baseballs to hide it.

Guests are relaxed wearing cool hats but it's easier then getting all dressed up for halloween. I sprayed painted styrofoam wig heads with silver paint and put black plastic top hats on them for centerpiece decorations. I've used black, white and silver decorations and there's confetti with Top Hats in black and white that's fun too.

I got pictures of old movie stars wearing hats, blew them up bigger and posted them around the house. We also dance at this party, so we cleared out the garage for dancing. We hung black and white twin sheets from Wallmart on 4 clothes lines around the walls of the garage.

The sheets hide the stuff on the walls and we used a few strings of white Christmas lights for mood lighting. I downloaded 4 hours of dance music from the 70's and 80's and have a great time. I hope you do too !

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