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Pirate Party - Roast Pig & Rum Punch




Fun Theme Party


Brenda in Troutdale, Oregon, USA


Jan 2003



My husband and I had a "Pirate Party" two years ago, complete with the whole, roasted-on-a-skewer, pig!  The pig was injected with different marinades and cooked from 7 AM until about 3 PM.  The guests brought side dishes and bottles of rum. 

We made 10 gallons of a sweet rum punch with skewers of cherries and oranges.  A large bowl of citrus was displayed, to combat scurvy. 

I had some old maps of Alaskan fishing waters which I ripped the edges and used a match to blacken spots, then we hung them on the side of the house.  My husband's business is rebar, so his shop fashioned a 6 foot tall hanging skeleton which we put a pirate hat, stuffed parrot and a bottle of Dead Guy Ale beer (shows a skeleton w/pirate hate on label) taped to his hand.  He greeted guests and was the first thing they saw. 

The invitation said "pirate attire recommended, if not, host and hostess could make guests walk the plank". 

We took their portraits by a tree where a plastic skeleton lay next to the treasure chest, which was filled w/mardi gras necklaces, fake jewelry, chocolate covered coins, gold-looking platters, etc.  A net w/sea creatures was draped behind the guests at the picture-taking area and a broken plank was nailed to the tree, which we used a torch to form the letters which read:  Sea Hag. 

On another tree, we used the same idea, but the words were:  Pirates Cove.  I used some Dead Guy Ale empty beer bottles and made them into candles.  Bought dripping wax, and dripped it around the top, filled w/fuel and wick.  We used 1/2 kegs for tables and had pirate music and Jimmy Buffet filling the air.  Most people rented pirate costumes, complete w/swords and plumes on the hats.  Everyone looked so good! 

The guys loved hanging around the roasting, succulent pig w/rum punch in their hand.  A fabulous time was had by all!!

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