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Moroccan Adult Party with a Belly Dancer




Fun Theme Party


Denise in Los Flores, CA, USA


Jan 2003


Special Mention

I am currentlt putting together a moroccan themed adult party. 

I purchased "blank inside" cards from Cost Plus that are made from handmade paper and have a middle eastern design printed in gold on the front.  I printed my party details on light purple handmade paper that was backed with red cardstock and then used gold grommets to attach it to the inside of the blank card.  I used a font called aladdin downloaded from the internet to type the party details on the invitations & guests name on the envelopes. 

I am setting up the party in my family room under a white mosquito netting canopy (can be purchased at most linen stores or Cost Plus)  The netting will hang from my ceiling along with yellow & orange marigolds & carnations strung together to form long chains of flowers - not only will it look beautiful it well smell fabulous. 

I am also hanging varying lenghts of satin ribbon from the netting (colors I am using are red, yellow, oranges, purples, blues & greens - rich color shades)  I am using a long table that seats 8 but instead of using the table legs we are setting it up on crates so that it sits low to the ground.  The table will be covered in inexpensive lining fabric using the colors mentioned above & sari fabric purchased from ebay (beautiful fabric used in the middle east)  Down the middle of the table I am using terra cota plant plates mounded with fragrent & bright colored spices - cummin. paprika, etc.  Again this will add to the sense of smell as well as sight.  Candles of varying height will be used as well as flowers petals that will be thrown across the table. 

Place settings consist of terra cota chargers with glass plates (dinner plates are purple, salad plates are red)  Water glasses with a red rim at the top will be used and will be accompanied by minature green Martinelli bottles that have been emptied & cleaned with labels removed (bottles can be purchased at Smart & FInal)  These bottles will be filled with chilled water before the party so guests can pour their own water when needed. 

Guest will sit on large pillow (taken off my sofa) that have been covered in the inexpensive lining fabric and finished off with gold tassles. I won't go into what we are serving for dinner - you can find tons of moroccan themed reciped on the internet.  We will serve dinner in a traditional way by first pouring scented water over each guests finger & drying them with a towel.  Dinner will be served in courses.  Middle Eastern music will be playing in the background - music can be found on the internet or a public library. 

Entertainment will be a hired belly dancer.  Guest will go home with a simple sari fabric bag filled with exotic goodies purchased at Cost Plus or a local Middle Eastern market (incense, sweet breads, trinkets, etc)  I know it will be a interesting & relaxing adult dinner party

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