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Sex & The City Movie - Which Girl are You?




Fun Theme Party


Sara in Tallahassee Florida USA


April 2008


Special Mention

This party is not in honor of any human birth like most on this site. It is in honor ofthe birth of the long awaited Sex and The City Movie! I know that I am obsessed with the show, as are alot of my friends. So I thought a pre-movie party with Sex And The City as the theme would be ideal before all of us go and see the movie, which doen't actually hit theatres until May 30th 2008. But that doesn't mean that I don't have all the plans laid out!

INVITATIONS: I am a firm believer in unique invitations. They set the tone for your whole party, and get your guests just as excited as you are about it! I started by cutting black cardstock at 5'7' , then I cut leopard print scrapbooking paper at 5'7'. I used a glue stick to connect the black cardstock to the leopard print paper,making sure to glue the corners so that the two papers would not peel away from one another.(this made the invitation sturdy, and finished looking)I printed the party informationin black ink on hot pink paper, and cut at 3'5. Use a glue stick to attch pink paper to the leopard paper, leaving one inch around the perimeter. The invitation will read: Put on your Manolo Blahniks! You're invited for cosmopolitans and hors d'oerves to celebrate the premiere of the Sex And The City Movie! The fabulous party starts at 6:00pm on May 30th and the movie premieres at 9:00pm. RSVP to Sara at 555-5555 by 5.23.08" I will send these invitations in turquoise envelopes.

DECORATIONS:On the front door I will put up a SATC movie poster that I bought on Ebay. The color scheme will be hot pink (cosmopolitans anyone?)black leopard print and little hints of turquoise.Near the front door will be a small round table draped with a black fabric tablecloth a silver cup filled with hot pink marabou pensa stack of quizzes printed from the internet on turquoise paper(I will explain this activity a little later)and a leopard print chinese takout container filled with buttons.The living room will be decorated with two SATC posters (Ebay)and qoutes from the show printed on hot pink paper then attached to wither leopard print paper or black paper.On top of the entertainment center there will be loads of shopping bags from high end stores like Prada Barneys and Manolo Blahnik( you can buy these on Ebay borrow from friendsor request them at the store)The coffee table will be covered with leopard print fabric and is where the sweet snacks will be served.This table will have a glass vase with 2 dozen pink carnations (Carrie thinks carnations are making a comeback)and lots of glass candle holders filled partially with hot pink aquatic sand and a candle.A round side table will be covered with a black table cloth that is lined with hot pink marabou (made by yours truly)on this table will be lots of fashion magazines (Vogue) Sex And The City Kiss and Tell Book and the Kama Sutra.

The dining room will be decorated by pushing the rectangular dining table against the wall to make lots of space in the middle.This table will be covered inleopard fabric.I have two 1 ft. tall martini glasses(Michaels)to put at either end of the table and fill with water dyed pink with food coloring(like cosmos)In the water I will place 3 floating pink light up roses ( salty foods will be served on this table from blackclearand silver dishes. In the middle back of the tablebehind all the food I will stack 3 shoe boxes:1 spray painted hot pink 1 black1 white with the Manolo Blahnik logo printed from the internet and taped on the box.On top of the shoe box stack will be a pair of black Manolo-looking shoes with a leopard print lining(very cute!) Over this table I will hang a SATC poster of all four ladies(Ebay)The "bar" will be a 4 foot longpub height wine cabinet pulled from the wall and covered in black fabric.On one corner of the "bar" will be a turquoise takeout container with leopard print cocktail napkins. Over the bar will be a poster of Smith Jerrod as the "Absolut Hunk"(Ebay)

PARTY SNACKS:The cocktails to be served are cosmopolitans (of course!)which I will use stirrings cosmo mix and rimming sugar and skyy vodka.Absolut Hunks which is 2 shots Absolut vanilla 1/2 shot lime juice 1/2 shot simple syrup 1/4 shot pineapple juice ( shake all with ice and pour into vanilla sugar rimmed glass  with a lime to garnish)Flirtinis which is 1 shot orange Skyy 1 shot pineapple juice and champagne to fill.There will also be "virgin" versions of the Absolut Hunk (1/2 shot vanilla flavored specialty syrup 1/2 shot simple syrup 1/2 shot lime juice 1/4 shot pineapple juice--shake together add 1 shot club soda and stir  strain in vanilla sugar rimmed glass with line wedge) and cosmopolitans ( 1 1/2 shots csmo mix 1 shot lemon lime soda- pour in sugar rimmed glass)We will also serve water and coke but ALL DRINKS will be served in martini glasses!And my husband has agreed to bartend so that's a money saver!A clear round dish with a martini glass in the center foar ranch dip will hold baby carrotscelery and broccoli.Bite size pizza sticks(pizza hut)and sushi will be served from black platters.McDonalds french fries will be served from paper cones (made from leopard paper)stuck into deep silver serving pieces filled with hot pink aquatic sand(this looks so cool!)For the sweets table I will have fortune cookies in a large pink takeout containeran "I Love You" cookie cake (like the one Robert gave Miranda)will be served off a turquoise cake stand and cupcakes with silver paper cupspink frostingand shoe picks served on a silver platter (like the ones that are served at Carrie's book party)and cosmopolitan flavored jellybeans served from a martini glass!

GAMES AND ACTIVITIES:As the girls arrive I will hand them their first cosmo and ask them to complete the "Which Sex and The City girl are you" quiz.After they score their tests and learn which character they are most like they can take a button that either says"I'm a Carrie"I'm a SamanthatI'm a Charlotteor "I'm a Miranda".I made these buttons myself I just ordered some make-your-own buttons from Oriental Trading which came with paper inserts to fit that I simply used as a stencil to cut out multiple circles from four different colors of paper.I used hot pink for the "Carrie"buttons light purple for the "Mirand" buttons light blue for the "Charlotte" buttons and turquoise for the "Samantha" buttons. I then used a smooth black pen to write the words on the colored paper circles and inserted into the buttons.After each guest finishes their quiz and gets their buttonsthey can join in "cocktail hour" evryone can drinkmingleeator look at fashion magazines.During "cocktail hour" I will play behind the scenes featurettes from the show on the TV in the living room and the SATC soundtrack in the dining room.We will watch the last 2 episodes of Sex And The City to get all caught up on where we last left all of our favorite characters. At 9:00pm we will all pile into 5 cabs (we could all just drive our own cars but this is so much more fun!And the movie theatre is not far at all so it will probly only cost about $5 a cab)that will take us all to the movie in a very "New York" fashion. I have recruited a few of the husbands and boyfriends to come and pick us all up from the theatre after the movie.

FAVORS: I ordered small clear chinese takeout containers from Oriental Trading and will fill each with cosmopolitan flavored jelly beans and tie the metal handle with a leopard print ribbon bow.This favor works in perfectly with the theme and provides a yummy snack during the movie! I am so excited about this party!"

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