Fun Theme Party

Mystery Bur Tour (18-50yr) Austin Powers




Fun Theme Party


Tammy in Victoria, Australia


September 2006



Mystery Bus Tour!  Every year we have a mystery Bus Tour for our local footy club (Previously we have done pub crawls and gone cruising on a lake) it gets bigger and better each year. The deal is that you get on a bus and go somewhere fun but only the organiser/host knows where your going I.E. "Mystery Bus Tour" This year topped them ALL!! 

I organised an Austin Powers theme which was so fitting it wasnt see I had organised for a double decker bus to pick us up, the faces on everyone was FANTASTIC! 

Flyers/Invitations: Were having a Mystery bus tour on 'time, date, pick up' Austin Powers Theme so come dressed in your groovy attire and party til dawn '$50 per head' BYO Drinks and Meals provided.

Decorations: The best thing about the double decker was that the top of bus had disco lights, music, a smoke machine and enough room for dancing while the bottom had room for all the drinks, seating, karaoke and a pole for pole dancing! I provided everyone with glow sticks and flashing braclets to fit the theme.

Destination: The bus was the major feature of the night but we stoped at a couple of pups for dinner and snacks and of course the all important 'Toilet Stop'! Everyone wanted to stay on the bus because it was so much fun.

Food/Drinks: Meals were provided by the two venues we stoped at (Previously organised) and drinks were BYO so we only provided esky's and ice for everyone. In all everyone had a great night we had 18 to 50 year olds on the bus it was a great atmosphere, the outfits were excellent: we had 3 Austin Powers heaps of disco chics, even a Ninja Turtle!!!(He thought it was 80's theme).

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