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Bachelor & Bachelorette Party


Sarah in Port St Lucie, Florida, USA


September 2006



I planned my own bachelorette party for my November marriage. I'm not a huge clubbing party girl and I would rather plan it myself to avoid surprises, so I decided to do a sleepover theme.

Most of the girls that I invited are friends from childhood so we have lots of memories of sleepovers and being girly together. Because October is Breast Cancer (B.C.) Awareness Month I did a "Think Pink" theme. I thought it would be nice to "support" a cause and be aware of the cancer and how it can affect those around us.

Rule number one was that whomever wore the most pink to the party won the door prize! Everyone was to bring their pillows and necessities. Because sleepovers usually entail junk food, I had plenty of it - pink lemonade, the "Awareness" pink tin foil wrapped hershey kisses and york peppermint patties. Pink cupcakes made of strawberry cake and pink M&Ms on top shaped into the B.C. pink ribbon. Yummy strawberry ice cream and all of this was served on pink plates with pink napkins.

We had a "pink manicure" station at the table where everyone painted their nails pink and then we took pictures.

Games included "telephone," Jenga, Truth or Dare, Magic 8 Ball, and some word games - stuff that we played when we were kids.

There were lots of prizes - Pinkies TY beanie babies, B.C. awareness bookmarks, Pink journals. Party favors included the Pink Ribbon socks, pink rubber duckies with the pink ribbon logo, fake diamond rings, pink feather boas, and candies.

Some of the girls did the other girls makeup and hair and we had glamour shots and even went as far as doing modeling and runway! We stayed up late and watched Wedding Movies and had popcorn. The guest bathroom was decorated with pink items and the girls were allowed to draw on the large mirror with pink eye pencils - like graffit. 

Breakfast the next day consisted of Special K Red Berries to support B.C. Awareness, Strawberry yogurt w/ the B.C. pink foil top, and cranberry muffins. The party was a huge success and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. We got tons of pictures and wonderful memories of being "girly" one last time with the girls.

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