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Bachelorette Party - Bailey's Shots & Towl Cake




Bachelor & Bachelorette Party


Angela in Ajax, Ontario CANADA


November 2007


Runner Up

While planning her wedding my sister discovered she was expecting so the Bachelorette had to be postponed. I decided to surprise her with a belated Bachelorette. The party took me about 2 months to prepare for. 

THE SET UP My sister was told we're surprising our dad with a limo ride to the CN tower for his Bday. She was told a month in advance so she could clear her schedule at work and be prepared to dress up. At the same time the Evite went to all her girl friends. The husbands were in on it and I arranged for the 'boys' to go bowling with the kids and packed up pizza, treats and movies for them to enjoy at my sister's house. 

DECORATIONS I picked a black & teal blue color scheme. I hung bunches of balloons in my living/dinning room. I found a a paper 3d Star latern at Goodwill for 25 cents. I filled it with battery powered mini lights and hung it from the ceiling. I filled balloons in the shape of naughty body parts with helium and made bunches for the entrance, buffet table & bathroom. I placed small Eiffel tower vases filled with clear & blue glass beads and blue sparkle branches on my fireplace.  I bought 4 fancy wood letters to spell her name from the craft store. I covered them in glue then dipped the in silver sparkles. I painted a wood base black and glued a block of craft foam to it. I attached the letters to skewers and poked them into the foam gave them a teal border printed them and glued them to the ribbon.

I made a center piece for the coffee table by placing a pillar candle into a large glass vase with more glass beads on the bottom and put a black feather wreath around the bottom. And of course tea lights all over the room.    For the entrance I had balloons and a personalized banner. I made the banner from black fabric and paint. I used grommets in the corners. They're functional and make it look professional. Being a ladies party I didn't want to forget the bathroom. I decorated with fresh flowers candles a naughty balloon bunch and naughty toilet paper. 

ACTIVITIES I only prepared for a couple of activities. They party started in my home so everyone ate drank & sat around chatting and catching up.  I arrange for my men to be designated drivers and take us to a local club for dancing. Just before they arrive I gave everyone a pink feather pimp hat the bride got a white one. The hats went over so great and made for fantastic group photos. They had wire in the rim so some bent them into cowgirl hats and others pimped them out.  

Just before we entered the club I gave my sister a Blow for Dough bouquet.  I used a bouquet form from the craft store. I stuck white feathers around the edges and the stuck Blow Pops in the foam. (I wrapped each lollypop in pink transparent cello so they resembled flowers.) Then added a bow and a card that read: Give this to your loudest friend the bride holds the bouquet while you shout Blow for Dough! The bouquet holder works great. The bouquet won't fall apart as you pull the lolly pops. 

When we got back to my house from dancing we had some time to kill before "Pizza" came. I found shot glasses in the shape of a male body part on the internet. I chilled Bailey's in the freezer and put a small amount in the glass. I topped this with whipped cream. (*Note* I've found Cool Whip topping to be the best for this. Just fill a icing bag with it. The kind in the can tends to deflate melt and rest heavy in your stomach.) The key to this shot is no hands allowed. Each person took a turn and we all had a ton fun and great photos.  The grand finale was the "Pizza Guy" aka male stripper! Just before he was scheduled to arrive we popped open the bubbly made a toast and in he came. It was a blast. 

FOOD I used a black bed sheet as a table cloth. I took a wedding photo of my sister and made it look like the cover of a bridal magazine. I printed & framed it (8"x10") and place it in a table top easel on the table. I also made a replica of her floral arrangement from her wedding and placed the with the photo.  I bought paper plates napkins and cutlery in my theme. (Easy cleanup) I put the plates & napkin in a black basket and the cutlery in a large teal glass candle holder.  

MENU Veggie Tree with dip & cheese cubes (Instead of a standard veggie platter I covered a foam cone with foil and using toothpicks stuck brocolli baby carrots and grape tomatoes to the cone. I placed it on a glass platter with blue cheese dip and cubed cheeses.) Nachos & Dip Ham sandwiches Meatballs in BBQ sauce Chicken Parm Pasta Salad (made with naughty pasta) Party Potatoes Spinach Pie Chocolate Fondue Fountain (I used a small home version Chocolate fountain it looks fantastic and tastes yummy!)

Naughty Cake (I bought 2 cakes from the g. store one smaller then the other so I could stack them. I put the on a glass cake stand removed the standard chocolate decorations and replaced them with naughty chocolates I ordered online. I stuck a naughty chocolate lollypop in the center. This was a big hit!)     All the food was made the night before and ready on the fridge or oven to be laid out. I used glass baking dishes and silver cake platters to keep with my theme and add intrest to the the table with varied height. I laid out the food buffet style and the scattered blue rose petals & shimmery heart confetti on the table. 

DRINK I set up a bar on my side board. I used a plastic black table cloth. I found a blue fabric novelty black light lamp that wiggles at a yard sale for $2. i replaced my standard sideboard lamp with this.   I had a bottle of white wine zinfandel vodka rum Soda OJ Cran. & tomato juice for mixers and a small glass tray of cherries and lemon/lime slices. And of course an ice bucket. I set out a variety of clear blue and frosted glasses. I made non-alcoholic tropical punch and used my punch fountain. (1 can of frozen OJ 1 bottle of Ginger ale 2 cans of pineapple juice.  If using a bowl you can use 2 bottles of soda but too much carbonation will just foam if using a punch fountain.) It's a great punch with or without alcohol and it mixes great with rum or vodka.  I had a tray set-up with champagne glasses and the champagne chilling in the freezer.  I made personalized water by designing & printing a label on the computer. I made the label look like a real one by keeping the bar code recycle info and nutrition facts. I just added a photo the event info and changed all the n. facts to be about my sister. I even used her birth date as the numbers in the bar code. I cut each label and sealed them with clear coat spray. I purchased bottle water removed the labels and glued on mine. For the amount of guest I had I only made 18 bottles. Everyone loved them too much to drink them. They each took one home.   

LOOT BAGS For the loot bags I made a design including a photo on the computer and printed them on sticker paper and stuck them onto the front of small translucent gift bags. I used tissue paper in my theme colors and filled them with a lip stick pen naughty chocolates sample size massage lotion and a personalized hangover kit. I made a sticker for the front of a small plastic bag. They said "Hangover Kit" the party title and thanks for parting with us! I filled it with sample Tylenol alka-seltzer handi wipes individual instant coffee and mint gum. I folded over the end of the bag and sealed it with a clear circle sticker.  I set-up a small table in my hallway for the gift and loot bags.  I covered it with a black table cloth placed the loot bags "Dirty" towel cake and mini cakes. I filled a vase with teal roses and added a naughty balloon bunch and used a pot light with a blue light bulb to light the table.   Everyone got to take home the hat and shot glass too. 

GIFTS For my sister I made a "Dirty" towel cake.  I made a 3 tier cake using rolled towels held with teal satin ribbon. I stacked the layers to resemble a wedding cake and pushed a skewer through the layers to help keep them together. I placed the stack on a silver plater with a black feather wreath around the bottom. I placed various naughty 'Adult' items on each layer I wrapped it with black tulle and tied a big bow on the top. I found an 'Adult' item that came in an small ice cream container which I tied to the outside. It set the theme perfectly dirty cake & ice cream! For the guests I made mini 'Slices' of cake by rolling a wash cloth secure with ribbon wrap in a black tulle circle tied with curling ribbon and a small 'Adult' lotion attached. Set-up on the table it looked amazing! 

SUMMARY I highly recommend second hand stores and yard sales for glasses serving dishes and cake stands. I always use paper & plastic for plates/cutlery so I can stay with a theme but real glasses and service pieces that can fit any theme and be used over again.  For budgeting it seemed like I spent alot more then I did. Alot of things I made myself for just the cost of paper and time.  This party was a huge success. I get ongoing compliments for the personalized detail and how much fun everyone had. No one had every attended a Bachelorette like this. It took 2 months to prepare for something was done almost every night while my kids were asleep.(I have 2 boys 5 & 9 and a 5 month old baby girl) 

But planning & having EVERYTHING set up in advance meant I got to have fun and be part of the party instead of running around stressed & missing all the fun. Everyone is eagerly anticipating the next party I host (I'm thinking Casino Nite)  and anyone that missed out is sure to be in attendance.     As my final part to this party I plan to gather all the photos and make a large scrapbook for my sister and smaller ones for the guests. I may have to keep the racier photos for my scrapbook!"

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