Old Movie Themes

Scarface Party - Cuban Food & Cigars




Old Movie Theme Party


Monica in Miami, FL USA


June 2005



Scarface Party  When the "Scarface" special edition DVD was released, I threw a Scarface watch party that was a huge success.

Everyone came dressed in Miami Vice Mobster outfits. Guests were greeted with a "Mojito" (popular Cuban cocktail made with with mint, sugar, lemon juice, light rum and club soda).

Dinner consisted of traditional Cuban food, including roasted pork, black beans and rice, and plaintains.

The food and music (which was mostly slasa, merengue, and 70s)were set up outside while a viewing area was set up in the living room where guests could watch the movie.

All throughout the party there was a large tray piled up with pixie dust for guests to eat with a tiny straw to resemble the "cocaine" Tony Montana was so famous for.

Cigars were also passed around after dinner.

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