Old Movie Themes

Roaring 20s Gangsters - Black Velvet Invitation




Old Movie Theme Party


Dava in Cooper City, Fl.    USA


Jan. 2004


Honorable Mention

Roaring 20's Gangster party.  We did this party for New Years 2004.  It was a blast. 

I made invitations that people are still talking about.  I bought sheet of styrofoam and cut it into a 5X7 size.  I then covered it with a cheap black material that felt like velvet.  On the computer I typed "During the Prohibition era,  booze and gambling were illegal;  "Party"is the speakeasy password,  To eat, drink, dance, and mingle." Then I wrote all of the information, who, what, where, and when. I also included that dinner would be served and the best costume would win a prize. I cut this out and hot glued it to the black velvet covered styrofoam. 

I then decorated it with white pearls, small circle mirrors found in the craft store, and gold and silver stars that were actually buttons. I mailed it in the larger yellow envelopes and included an extra paper with directions, costume ideas for that era, and addresses of local costume shops.

For decorations: I made streamers out of 5X7 playing cards found on the internet.  I used fishing line and a sewing needle to string them and a push pin in the ceiling to hold them up.  They only took an hour to make and everyone thought that I bought them. 

As people walked thru the front door they had to walk thru Red streamers hanging from the ceiling and then sign my board and take a party favor made out of chocolate.  I made a sign in board that said "Roaring 20's in 2004."  I love sign in boards because it is something you can keep for memories.  I also made chocolate guns, and chocolate cards. Ace, Jack, Queen and King.  I found the candy molds online. 

I also had gambling set up in the backyard, Roulette, Blackjack and a card table. Everyone took turns on playing dealer. 

As far as music goes I just downloaded everything from the 70's to today.  I only played 20's music for the first hour as pleople arrived. It gets old by the end of the night.  People rather listen to what they know and can relate to. 

I did a buffet table of Bake Ziti, garlic rolls and a big bowl of salad.  Pasta goes a long way and people don't get too drunk when you feed heavy carbs. You can also make it the day before and then just bake it the day of.  A better way for you to enjoy your own party. 

The tables on the porch were white table cloths, (I mean plastic.)  I placed tons of votive candles and a couple of Hurricane lamps with candles.  I also moved the furniture out of the family room and made that the dance floor by changing the lighting with black lights, a strobe light and a disco ball hanging from were my hanging plant is usually place. 

Everyone had so much fun and asked me what next year's theme would be and they had not even left yet.

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