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Old Movie Theme Party


Monica in Penticton, B.C. Cananda


February 2002


Honorable Mention

Adult Italian Survivor Party We decided to have the "Italian" theme as it was easy to pick music and food.

When the guests came we were playing Italian music that we had bought, we chose some fun upbeat stuff by Lou Prima etc.

First everyone had appetizers(baked garlic, cheese, antipasto) then the game began once everyone was there. We separated into two teams (we picked the teams before hand)and chose Italian names for ourselves.

The first game was the wheel of death(remember the bug eating in the first Survivor game) and we had shots of Sambuca, and olives lined up. Each person drew a card that either said Sambuca or Olive and that person had to do it. If they chose not to they took the chance that they would be voted out by their team mates.

After this was done each team voted one of their team mates out. This was OK as it was fun to watch everyone play once you had been voted out. After that we played Italian trivia with questions we had printed out from the internet. Which ever team answered the most correctly did not have to vote one of their players off. When it was a tie we had noodle eating contests(2 cooked pasta noodles) and whomever ate theirs first won. 

To keep the game short and moving we would have each team pick one of their team mates and only ask 2/3 questions before the noodle eating contest if it was a tie.  People continued to vote each other off and the teams merged after dinner, as we broke the game to eat dinner and enjoy each others company.

After dinner we had a necklace of Penne noodles for immunity that everyone took turns wearing when they won. The game continues, with the only difference being that now people are individually competing with each other.  Each person received a piece of paper/pen and whomever had the most correct answers to the questions won immunity. 

Everyone continued voting each other off until there were only two left. We had each of them sing "When the moon hits your eyes like a pizza pie that's Amore" Then everyone else (the panel)voted for who they thought should win. The winner won a basket of Italian goodies.

This was a blast and could be done in other themes as well.  Lots of music, food, wine and laughs.

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