Fun Theme Party

MasterCard Theme - Pool Hall & DJ




Fun Theme Party


Tuesday in Washington, DC


September 2005



When my husband turned 30, I wanted him to really enjoy himself.  I personally beleive your birthday is supposed to be your own holiday, so I planned a night to remember at Fast Eddie's in Alexandria. 

I created invitations with the Mastercard theme with "Turning 30 and having all your friends surprise you, Priceless!" 

I ordered a custom birthday banner from eBay and RSVP all the invites to my cell and job.  (Don't use your cell phone - try explaining why a man is calling you!!!) The next party I plan will have an e-mail address as an RSVP - that is a winner!  

Fast Eddie's is a billards hall, but it is really nice.  They have mahogany wood throughout and a nice rail bar. Behind every few tables are lush sofas and the wait staff tries to accomodate everyone. 

 We had the party Friday night and they have a local radio station that holds a party so there is a dj.  I made arrangements to have everyone arrive before 8 PM, that's when the dress code changed and I knew people would be annoyed if they had to dress up to get drunk. 

The food was served in chafing dishes - I selected 3 different appetizers, but everyone had to buy their own drinks.  The birthday boy showed up and was totally surprised, considering his friends told him they were getting a hook up at the bar and convinced him to come out for free drinks.  He thought I was on a girls night, so it was no surprise when I showered and redressed late in the day. 

We danced, took pictures (thankfully because he got so drunk there are portions of the evening he doesn't remember)and saw so many friends, especially his best friend from childhood.  That was the best of all!  Next, my mother turns 50 - I am working on that idea now.  I am looking for a venue so I can create the theme.

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