Fun Theme Party

Caveman Party -40yr- Sabre Tooth Salad




Fun Theme Party


Cathym in Dedham, MA, USA


March, 2000



We will be having a "caveman" party this weekend for a man turning 40 - although all ideas would be just as great for a child's party.

First, we will decorate using lots grey balloons around on the floor to resemble rocks. 

Next we will cut out large dinosaur feet using brown paper bags.  The feet decorate the floor in the house as well as the outside walkway leading to the house.

The white paper tablecloths will be decorated with black hand and/or feet prints. 

The menu will include "dinosaur dip", "brontoburgers", "sabre tooth salad" and "stegosaurus milkshakes".  And of course a cake decorated with toy dinosaurs and "fossil fudge" for dessert.

The guest of honor will dress in a caveman costume (although he doesn't know that yet) and everyone will have their picture taken with him in our cave (make from a small tent covered with black light-weight fabric).

We'll play some games like decorate your pet rock and how many words can you find in dinosaur (ex. Sand). It should all be "wild"!!

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