Bachelor/ette Party

Back to School Bachelorette - Senior Carnival




Bachelor & Bachelorette Party


Paula in Plantation,  Fl. US


November 2005


Honorable Mention

Back to School Bachelorette: One of my best friends from school just got married and I wanted to do something different and fun for her last night out with the girls!!! Since it has been seven years from our senior year graduation I decided to go nostalgic and use a back to school theme.

For invitations I sent small notebooks with each girls name on them, inside I asked every girl to use our former school uniform and described what the schedule would be.

Once everybody got there as school girls I sat them in what I made to be a  classroom and we waited to surprise our honor student (the bride of course) then I asked everyone to enrole in different classes, like math, PE, chemistry, etc.

We had tests and activities for all the different classes (blackboard included) : for example for chemistry class each girl had to mix drinks to get a certain color and if she didn't accomplish it she had to drink her mixture herself, if she got it right she could choose any of her piers to drink it! yuk!! For math, I made simple math problems (like the square rooth of 16!) but under time constraints the girls got wrong answers and were punished by the rest of the class.

After we were thru the tests we had the graduation, we gave out special mentions, kinky diplomas and changed each girl into her graduation gown wich included a babydoll like top and a birre with a tazel with the girl's name on it. 

After every girl received her tittle we unveiled the room next door (the entrance was covered with tissue paper) we had the bride break thru it and welcomed her into our senior carnival, we had a friend dress up as a fortune teller and a variety of game booths, one consisted on making the bride a wedding gown out of toilet paper and one of the last ones was a station where whe changed her into a bridal school uniform complete with a veil tiara.

At the end I distributed masks, confetti, rice and giant butterfly wings for each of the guests and we partied in our costumes until 5 am!!!!!   Every one of the 20 girls called within the next days to say it was the most fun they had in a bacheloretter party, and that they were thrilled because it was original, colorful, nostalgic, and it didn't include the traditional bachellorette games and entertaiment….Thank Goodness!!!!!

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